Sizzling Summer Iceland Wedding: Emily + Presten

When two mountain loving adventure seekers meet, cultivate a relationship, and discuss marriage… Having a traditional wedding would never due!  Meaning, they could not imagine settling for the countless beautiful places they have already discovered together.  Rather, they wanted to embark on a new experience with each other and their loved ones to explore a new place together.  Therefore, allow us to share with you Emily and Presten’s summer Iceland wedding adventure!

Emily + Presten

In August of 2015, Emily and Presten meet.  In fact, being colleagues at work spun into them becoming lifetime partners, who would have thought!  But really, it was there passion for the outdoors, mountains, hiking, National Parks, road tripping, camping, traveling internationally, and straight up pushing their physical limits that bonded them.  Maybe Presten’s sweet golden retriever, Spencer had a paw in it too 😉

Next, a low key proposal came in November 2018 and they were on their way to planning their summer Iceland wedding!  Luckily, Emily stalked our Iceland Wedding Planner team on Instagram, so she had a fair idea before reaching out what we were about.  And what an experience driven adventure wedding was and they realized that type of wedding was exactly what they were seeking.

However, they were originally gunning for an August 2020 Iceland summer wedding, but we all know how that year went…  Meanwhile, after sincere contemplation they chose to postpone one year so every one could travel more confidently.

Bride and Groom Details

With all of the ups and downs and ever changing list of restrictions, it’s fair to say that when August 20th 2021, finally came everyone was ECSTATIC!  Upon arrival to Hotel Klaustur the evening before, each guest received a thoughtful welcome bag for them to take along for summer Iceland wedding adventure.  Meanwhile, shortly after sunrise, our Iceland Wedding Planner team hair stylist and local wedding photographer began capturing the Presten and Emily’s beautiful details!

Once the bride put her wedding dress on, Emily and Presten met for a first look.  For instance, this is an opportunity for the couple to have a quite moment before the excitement begins.  Following, they grabbed their “go bags” and met their guests to load into the super jeeps for the day!

Into the Icelandic Highlands!

Energy was bursting between the super jeeps!  After all, guests had no idea where they were headed and this route is hands down one of the most exciting the Icelandic Highlands have to offer!!  To illustrate, there were stunning waterfalls, vivid colors, glacier views, and crazy winding roads that make you feel like you’re on another planet.

Summer Iceland Wedding Ceremony

Rain adds a beautiful level of mystery to your wedding day, don’t be afraid of it.  Rather embrace it like the badass we know you are!  Adventuring together in the rain also builds unforgettable memories.  Emily, Presten and their 10+ guests were ready for it!  Their summer Iceland wedding ceremony was intimate and personal on every level.  Reciting their vows to each other left everyone smiling and swooning!  After the ceremony was done, our Iceland wedding photographer organized a group photo and the group explored the dynamic area.

Intensely Colored Canyon

Next on their vivid summer Iceland wedding adventure was a canyon unlike any others.  Colors like this exist only in the highlands!  And what better place to delight in a traditional hot dog BBQ lunch!!  Fair to say Emily and Presten’s guests were left in utter awe over the scenery and experience.

Waterfall Galore

Thousands of waterfalls can be found within the highlands and many are unnamed.  Furthermore, some only emerge after heavy rains making it even more interesting!

Game of Thrones Mountains

Folks who loved watching GOT (Game of Thrones) will be happy to know you can experience the filming locations in Iceland firsthand.  For example, Presten, Emily and their guests were intrigued walking in the footsteps of the cast North of the Wall.  Likely the view is better during this Iceland summer wedding adventure versus in the middle of winter when they filmed!

Exploring Unseen Valleys

Before booking our Iceland Wedding Planner team, the newlyweds knew that our adventure weddings were so much more than that.  To illustrate, you’re gifting your guests a five senses experience.  And taking them into areas, very few have had the chance to ever witness.  Plus the ride in the super jeep is pretty freaking NUTS!

Imagine crossing unbridged rivers that could have quick sand in them, gnarly switchback mountain passes, and appreciating Iceland like most locals wish they could!!  Heading to the next step on Emily and Presten’s Iceland summer wedding excursion had all of that and so much more… How much more?  The group enjoyed bottles of bubbles and 360 degree views!!

Endless Romantic Views

Romance thrives during an adventure wedding.  After all who wouldn’t want to end their day on a mountain top seeing and feeling like you’re on top of the world?! It’s refreshing, invigorating and exactly what these two adventure seekers hoped for their summer Iceland wedding!

Private Room Iceland Wedding Reception

When you have an Iceland wedding reception with guests… Likely you will want to book a private room.  For example this gives you the ability to have your own music, seating style, décor, and include any traditions like toasts, etc.  Upon returning to Hotel Klaustur, the group had the chance to rest and refresh.  Then around 7:30pm the group met back downstairs to delight in a delicious meal together.

Iceland Wedding Menu:

  • First Course: Klaustur Salad
  • Second Course:
    -Arctic Char
  • Third Course: Rhubarb Crumble
  • Fourth Course: Kransakaka (traditional Iceland wedding cake)

Feeling super excited after experiencing Emily and Presten’s summer Iceland wedding journey?  Maybe even keen to plan your own custom adventure wedding… When you plan a waterfall wedding, there are a lot of moving parts and considerations.  Hiring a local Iceland Wedding Planner will help you not miss anything.  Feel free to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team to get going on that desire!

© 2021, Photos by Miss Ann (DBA Iceland Wedding Planner / Your Adventure Wedding), All Rights Reserved.

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