Earthy Adventure Elopement: DeAndré + Gary

Hundreds of different rock types can be found within the Icelandic landscapes.  From palagonite, basalt, to obsidian if you’re a geology lover you’ll be a happy camper!  But beyond rock textures, there is so many other aspects of the sceneries that you will marvel over.  For example, waterfalls, canyons, caves, moss, raging rivers, and endless types of flora.  Being appreciators of all of those things, DeAndré and Gary embarked on an earthy adventure elopement!

DeAndré + Gary

Over a decade ago, DeAndré + Gary met while being coworkers.  Although college brought them to move on to different career paths.  But mutual friends and a weekend road trip to Washington D.C allowed them rekindle their connection which surprised them both!  From domestic to international traveling, spending time with their beautiful Sphynx Camille, rocking it out at the gym, and collecting amazing foodie experiences, these two enjoy life!  Fast forward to July 2017 where Gary had planned to propose at the restaurant Philly where they once had their formal first date.  DeAndré was surprised and of course said yes!

Once engaged, they did not feel drawn planning a big local wedding.  Rather, DeAndré began looking for something more special and unique that would truly leave them speechless.  After talking about vacationing in Iceland, they stumbled upon our Iceland Wedding Planner blog and were hooked!  To illustrate, they loved the idea of being present in the moment experiencing new landscapes together.  Also it was a requirement that the day honor and represent them both in some way.  Meanwhile, they wanted to ensure there was a balance of action / adventure with luxury.

August Vik Elopement

The tiny town of Vík í Mýrdal set the scene for their August elopement.  The gents had a low key morning of enjoying the view from their glorious suite while getting ready.  All while our Iceland wedding photographer went to work forever documenting their handsome grooms details.  Topping off their fabulous wedding style were handmade succulent boutonnieres made by our team stylist.  Next, shortly before 8am it was time to load into the super jeep and begin their extraordinary earthy adventure elopement!

Wonderful Waterfall Ceremony in Iceland

Rain could not stop these good-looking gents from being the first to marry at this stunning private property waterfall!  In fact, the rain just made the intimate ceremony be more dream-like.  After all, no-one controls the weather in Iceland, so just embrace it as part of your days story.  Following their earthy adventure elopement ceremony, they explored the waterfall hand in hand!

Luxury Cave Lunch Experience

Few things are better than adding on a luxury picnic experience while you’re in Iceland.  Especially when it’s raining outside and you seek shelter in a natural cave!  Sort of the essence of an earthy adventure elopement one might say, eh?  But right before they delighted in their picnic and traditional hotdog BBQ, they explored Game of Thrones film site.  When not fully covered in snow, it is quite the sight to see!  For instance, the textures, tones, and views are pretty nuts!

Wedding Waterfall Hike

Did you know having an earthy adventure elopement is not only a thing, but incorporating hiking into your day is too? Can be a little bit or a lot, you decide!  For example, as part of DeAndré and Gary’s special day they wanted to have a 15-30 minute hike to a place that would blow their mind.  Ask and you shall receive!  And what a freaking BEAUTIFUL hike and place it was…

Exploring a Buried River Waterfall

People often ask how we find our private property locations… Well there are a multitude of ways.  However, one of our favorites is following a river until we think a waterfall might emerge!  For example, the next stop on their earthy adventure elopement agenda was a buried river waterfall that was deep into the highlands, very fragile, and very few have had the opportunity to witness its beauty.

Rainy Waterfall Quest

Every waterfall in Iceland is different.  Maybe by height, width, texture, shape or some other dynamic.  So visiting multiple ones throughout the day is still super exciting!  And especially when you’re the only one there enjoying it during your earthy adventure elopement 😉

Earthy Adventure Elopement Photos

Rounding out the adventure portion of their extraordinary elopement, was an experience in our newest private property cave that looks like a sideways heart!  Swoon!!  The cave is made from palagonite tuff which is a mix of sideromelane and basalt.  Meanwhile, there is a super interesting history that goes along with the cave.  But for now, it served as an ideal way to end DeAndré and Gary’s earthy adventure elopement!

Sweetheart Table Theme: Earthy Plant Daddies

A luxury elopement would not be the same without a perfectly styled sweetheart table!  And oh la this one is certainly going down as one of our Iceland Wedding Planner all time favorites!  To illustrate, the theme that resounded throughout was “earthy plant daddies.”  Which just so happens to follow suit into their lives back home too!  Love when an idea goes full circle.

Furthermore, the table for two had airplants and just about every type of succulent too.  Also the elegance of the candles, wood features, and gold accents really elevated the tables organicness.  The newlyweds reveled in the artistry and thoroughly enjoyed it!  In conclusion, part 2 of their special day ended with them partaking in the kransakaka tradition!

Feeling utterly inspired after being witness to Gary and DeAndré’s earthy adventure elopement?  Curious to embark on planning similar?  If so, we would love to get that conversation started with you both!  Feel free to reach out to us to see if our team would be a good fit for you.

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