Blended Family Destination Wedding: Kelly + Greg

Being able to celebrate a monumental moment with your nearest and dearest is exactly what a wedding can be about for many.  And if planning an adventure wedding is on the agenda, then you get to experience new places together as a family!  Imagine not only making new lifetime memories with your children, but having that trip go down as your wedding too!  Good news, that is what today’s blog is all about… a beautiful blended family destination wedding in Iceland!

Kelly & Greg

So much about life is everything aligning at the right time.  15 years ago, Kelly and Greg met at their local church.  However, the timing wasn’t right and life pulled them in separate directions.  But then a serendipitous moment led them to meeting again and they reconnected over being single parents.

Meanwhile, their friendship grew deeper and they quickly realized their love was one that needed to be explored.  Blending 2 separate lives isn’t always easy.  Especially when you’re adding children into the mix.  Led by their faith in God, they put the work in to blend their lives and their families together.

Blended Family Destination Wedding

Being a family of 7, finding the right type of accommodation is important so all are comfortable and happy.  Especially when you have 5 young adults in the mix.  Therefore, Vik Apartments were ideal and specifically two of the superior apartments as it gave everyone enough space.

Plus the view from them might be one of the best in Vik!  Seriously, what a cozy way to wake up on your wedding morning then with the view of the ocean and Reynisdrangar!  Our Iceland wedding photographer went to work photographing all of the lovely details as our hair team also crafted some amazing styles on all of the ladies hair.  After a few finishing touches, everyone grabbed their go bags for the day and headed up towards the Vik hilltop church!

First Look

Upon arriving to Víkurkirkja, the gentlemen waited outside.  Because the family thought it would be fun to stage a first look overlooking the beautiful town of Vik!  After all, could a sweet countryside church have a better view?  Fun Fact: Did you know Ann and Davíð are building a cantilevered home practically next to this historic yet picturesque place?  Follow their journey at Vik Dream House.

Vik i Myrdal Church Ceremony

Although our Iceland Wedding Planner team does not typically do weddings in churches, we do consider for the right couple.  For example, the groom to be Greg is a Pastor back home in Champaign, Illinois.  So getting married at such a iconic religious landmark in Iceland was a perfect way to ignite their new chapter together.

In fact, during their blended family destination wedding ceremony, Kelly and Greg not only spoke personal vows to each other, but they each shared vows to the children.  So incredibly sweet and inspiring, truly!

Celebrate with Bubbles and Cake!

Following the blended family destination wedding ceremony, the group headed outside for bubbles, cake, and the view again!  The kids toasted their parents newlywedded bliss and they all enjoyed tasting a traditional kransakaka.

Icelandic Highland Discovery

Woot woot!  Next, it is time to load back into the super jeep to begin the journey into the Icelandic highlands!  An unlimited supply of landscapes waited for them to explore.

Furthermore, one of our favorite things about Kelly and Greg’s approach to their blended family destination wedding was looking at it as if this could be the last big trip they may all take together.  Why?  As their children grow into their own lives and adventures, it will become more difficult to plan an unforgettable international trip together.  Therefore, coming together for experience driven wedding is the perfect reason!

Glacier Lava Rock Waterfall

Next, on the blended family destination wedding agenda was discovering a unique glacier lava rock waterfall.  What a super unique sight to see!  The textures, colors, and combination of the beautiful mountain behind really set the scene for epic Iceland wedding photos.

Insane Iceland Highland Waterfall Lunch

Waterfalls should wow you.  And having lunch at one is pretty freaking bad ass.  Especially when you add it into your blended family destination wedding adventure!

Vivid Waterfall Exploration

August in Iceland is hands down our most vividly green month.  Therefore, exploring around in the Icelandic highlands is always a good idea if you’re a seeker of these famous greens.  And deep into the highlands you’ll find this incredible waterfall Kelly and Greg spent time exploring during their blended family destination wedding!

Crazy Colorful Canyon

Personally, our favorite textures in the Icelandic highlands is the combination of the black sands, vivid green and crazy shaped mountains.  So next on the agenda was witnessing the beauty of an extremely colorful canyon!

Foggy Beach Wedding Photos

During our experience driven adventure weddings, it is always interesting to see how the weather can impact our locations from day to day.  For example, when Kelly and Greg found their way to the private side of Dyrhólaey black sand beach for exploration and wedding photos, they were greeted with thick fog.  But wow-wee was it crazy beautiful to witness and photograph!

Seaside Cliff First Dance

How many couples can say they shared a dance as newlyweds on top of a mountain with basalt rocks underneath?  And oh la la Kelly and Greg have some fantastic moves!  Furthermore, our Iceland wedding photographer was able to capture the once in a lifetime moment via the drone too, pretty darn special!

Iceland Private Waterfall Wedding Photos

There is something to be said about the feeling you get when you arrive to our private property locations.  To illustrate, there are no ropes, barriers, signs or man made eye sores.  Just you and nature!  The newlyweds and their children spent time running around this sweet trickle private property waterfall and savored every second playing in the rain too!  After all, embracing the weather in Iceland is critical to a unforgettable adventure.

Vikurfjara Black Sand Beach

Rounding out their adventurous blended family destination wedding, the group ventured to Vikurfjara black sand beach for a few final photos before dinner.

Iceland Brewery Reception Dinner: Smiðjan Brugghús

Afterwards, dinnertime brought this lovely blended family destination wedding Smiðjan Brugghús.  Why?  Because they serve the best burger and beers in South Iceland!  And sometimes a casual dinner makes more sense than a fancy sit-down one.  That’s the beauty of an experience driven wedding too… You don’t have to follow any “rules.”

In conclusion, has Greg and Kelly’s adventure wedding with their kids left you inspired?  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to connect with you is so… Feel free to contact us for more information on crafting your very own epic day!

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