Ice Valley Elopement: Johanna + Jonathan

Flexibility is important if you decide to have a wedding at a glacier in Iceland.  Mainly because features change daily due to weather.  Johanna and Jonathan August elopement is a perfect example of this… To illustrate, the week leading to their wedding ceremony, our team had in mind they would wed in front of a stunning ice arch.  However, when their day arrived the arch crashed down and created a picturesque ice valley elopement!

Johanna + Jonathan

From being colleagues at work to a NYE proposal, Johanna and Jonathan realized early on into their relationship they were soulmates.  Furthermore, once they were engaged they were seeking a unique location to get married.   Meanwhile, neither one of them had been to Iceland before and were intrigued by the variety of landscapes.  Next, after seeing countless online reviews of our company, they knew we were the original trail blazing crew in adventurous elopements.  Therefore, they trusted Iceland Wedding Planner to pull off their unforgettable ice valley elopement!  Come along with us as we share all of the details of their fabulous day…

Ice Valley Elopement

Contrary to popular belief, ice caves are not always year round in Iceland.  For instance, the hardcore main season is between mid October – mid March.  However, our adventure wedding planning team has been lucky enough to have different types of ice caves, valley’s, or other interested ice features year round.  In fact, we scout bi-weekly to monthly up at our glacier area to monitor how things are changing.

Further, Johanna and Jonathan’s ice valley elopement, the day begin around 7am on August 16th.  These two opted in for a partial day elopement as they felt full day was too much.  Everyone rocks out their adventure differently.  Therefore, we encourage and embrace those empowering choices.

Our Iceland Wedding Planner and super jeep team met them at a strategic location and then everyone piled into the truck to head up to the offbeat glacier area.  Upon arrival, the soon to be newlyweds, marveled over the tones and textures as they hiked.  Following, they held an inspiring ceremony with incredible ice features surrounding them!

Exploring Iceland’s 4th Largest Glacier

Mýrdalsjökull is Iceland’s 4th largest glacier and it has 15+ different outlets.  Which is super exciting because they are all different!  After their ice valley elopement ceremony, the newlyweds ventured deeper into the area for exploration.  Amazing angles from the drone too painted another picture by our local Iceland wedding photographer!

Riverside Wedding Photos

Rivers in Iceland are super underrated and don’t get the attention they should!  No matter if they are small, large, spring fed, or carry glacier sediments, they are picturesque in their own way.  Once the ice valley elopement at the glacier was complete these two continued their journey to unbelievable private property Iceland wedding location!

Basalt Glacier Waterfall

An extremely beautiful basalt waterfall awaited them to discover next!

Rainbow and Rapids

Hiking took Johanna and Jonathan even further to yet another amazing private property waterfall.  Although, this one was somehow even more beautiful because it had a rainbow!  Not sure what location we loved more, their ice valley elopement location or this spot 😉

Geological Wonderland

Iceland rock formations often surprise people when they see them up close and personal.  For real, it’s like being in a little geological wonderland!  And Dverghamrar is no stranger to that fact.  Jonathan and Johanna really left inspired after witness the beauty of this locale.

No Frills Elopement in Iceland

Rounding out the partial day adventure was a final stop at a waterfall and sweet canyon.  The sun was endless and these two loved discovering together hand in hand…  What an epic finish!

Has Johanna and Jonathan’s ice valley elopement left you inspired to maybe plan your very own journey here?  If so, feel free to contact us for more information we would love to hear from you!

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