Natural Cave Elopement Surrounded by Snowy Mountains

Twenty-four million years ago, Iceland forms by an insane amount of volcanic activity.  During those eruptions not only are the dynamic landscapes crafted by nature, but natural caves are also created.  Then when Iceland becomes inhabited by people in Circa 874 the first settlers find their way to those caves for shelter for themselves or their animals.  Even now, fast forward hundreds of years later, natural caves provide shelter from storms even during an Iceland cave elopement!

Meet Tee and Eddie

Circa 2001 Tee was a badass bartender in Atlanta and Eddie was a frequent patron.  After dating for a few months life forced them in different directions but they remained friends on Facebook.  But then in 2015, they reconnect and became inseparable!  December 2017 brought a proposal in front of a Christmas tree in Tee’s hometown of Athens, Georgia!

These two are the ultimate adrenaline loving couple!  For example, from globetrotting to 30+ countries to hiking on Appalachian trails, riding motorcycles, racing and working on their Mustangs together, and trying anything once, these two set the adventure bar high!  Naturally being a non-traditional couple and adrenaline junkies, they wanted to kick off their marriage in an EPIC, mind blowing, and truly once in a lifetime.

Further, when they had a look at their bucket list and Googled Iceland elopements.  They found that our team offers unforgettable private experiences and crazy beautiful non-touristy locations…  Next, they were venturing down the exciting road of adventure elopement planning with our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  And into planning their natural cave elopement.

Wedding Day Begins at Hotel Klaustur

Appreciating the fact they enjoy cold weather and were hoping to see Northern Lights, Tee and Eddie decided on a March elopement in Iceland.  March can be hit or miss when it comes to snow.  After all, you never know what the weather in Iceland may be like!  Although this specific adventure elopement began with calm skies and a bit of sunshine, it quickly changed to a blizzard!

However, before we dive into the day, let’s talk Iceland elopement details!  Believe it or not Tee had 4 wedding dresses (adventure dress, reception, nighttime photo dress, and a backup red dress), 3 pairs or shoes, 2 bridal coats and so many other lovely details.  Eddie brought a dapper blue suit, his signature ball caps, gear shift cuff links, and so many other sentimental details too.

Moments before they grabbed their  adventure wedding “go bags” and jumped into the super jeep, Eddie surprised Tee with a day of wedding gift!  Turns out it was their favorite photo together etched into a crystal keepsake.  High Five Eddie for the amazing sentiment!  While Tee was opening her gift, Eddie waited for her on the balcony at Hotel Klaustur for a “first look!”  A very emotional special moment followed between them as they kicked off the adventure!

Calm Before the Storm

As we alluded to earlier, a huge storm was moments away from hitting South Iceland.  As the sun rose and the group drove west towards their natural cave elopement location… Our wedding photographer noticed a beautiful clearing where fresh snow had fallen with gorgeous morning light!  Totally a must see and must stop location to explore since the rest of the day could prove to be a challenge. Plus who doesn’t take the opportunity to get stunning drone wedding photos?!

Iceland March Wedding

Literally as Tee and Eddie loaded back into the super jeep the storm ushered itself in.  And as the group headed into the highlands of Iceland, they came across a stranded super jeep.  The general rule in the super jeep world is that you help.  Heck, Tee being a doctor was ready to jump into action if needed because of her Hippocratic Oath too.  Luckily it was not needed and the group continued on towards their natural cave elopement ceremony location!  Deep snow greeted them upon arrival to the Iceland natural cave but our team just paved the way through and inside!

Natural Cave Elopement

Oh la la the cave elopement ceremony location was so dreamy!  Icicles and fresh snow made the space fee like a private winter wonderland.  Additionally, everyone was pretty happy to be shield from the winter storm outside too!  Eddie and Tee held a beautiful intimate wedding ceremony complete with their own personal vows.

Special Note: Even though it looks like the icicles are right above the couple, they are not.  We have strategically placed the Pastor and the couple in spots that were danger-free.

Iceland Cave Wedding Photos

Following their lovely ceremony, the newlyweds spent time exploring this extremely unique cave which is such an important part of our experience driven elopements.  Therefore they savored every single second.  Even in the midst of thigh high snow and gale force blowing snow!

Eloping in Iceland: Hot Lunch Experience

Having a hot lunch during a crazy weather day in Iceland can make all the difference to your day.  Honestly, it can change it in a snap and give you a second wind!  Although heading to another natural cave was not originally on Tee and Eddie’s agenda, it was an ideal safe haven on a stormy day!

Escaping the Blizzard Inside Another Cave!

The opening of this private property natural cave is super high and unique.  Plus the textures and tones make it even more gorgeous when it’s snowy outside too.  Fair to say Tee and Eddie enjoyed their time inside exploring and being the center of beautiful cave elopement photos!

Frozen Waterfalls Vibes

The storm forced our team to plan “b” our last waterfall location.  But the awesome trade off was that Tee and Eddie got to experience a pretty frozen waterfall!  Using the last bits of daylight, playing and having fun in the snow was such a perfect moment in time for these two newlyweds.

Romantic Table for Two

If you’re a couple who is eloping in Iceland, it’s okay to still want to feel like VIP’s and be spoiled a bit!  To illustrate, a sweetly styled table for two to have dinner at is such a romantic experience to have during your adventure elopement.  Treat yourself!  Our team even offers different levels of styling from basic to elaborate as well!

Nighttime Elopement Photos in Iceland

Following the styled dinner, Tee changed into her third dress of the day… It was a dream of hers to have a light up wedding dress just in case the Northern Lights did not come out to play.  Which then allowed us to craft some fun nighttime elopement photos instead!

Finding yourself inspired by Tee and Eddie’s cave elopement?  Maybe even hope to plan something similar for your winter elopement in Iceland… Please contact us for more information on getting that adventure started!

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