Iceland February Wedding: Gavin + Alyssa

Visiting Iceland during winter is a totally different experience than the rest of the year.  In fact, those that are brave enough, should be recognized as being a bit more #badass!  Because the weather is more extreme and hiking in thigh high snow is no easy feat!  Specifically planning an Iceland February wedding, it’s the best month to consider if you love the idea of a snowy adventure!

From Kilimanjaro to Iceland

Allow us the pleasure of introducing you two Gavin & Alyssa… Truly two adventurous souls meant to be together.  For instance, let’s rewind to years ago when they first met at a Red Rocks boot camp in Colorado.  Timing makes a difference in all our lives and it wasn’t their time yet!  But then fast forward to 2018, when they reconnected during a hiking trip to Mount Kilimanjaro where their adventure together begins!  Without a doubt, they connected fully because they had similar lifestyles.  For instance, they are avid runners, tri-athletes, bikers, climbers, hikers, travelers, and just straight up adventure seekers!

Initially when they decided to get married, they were thinking of planning a wedding in Moab, Utah.  Mainly because they wanted to choose a location that all of their loved ones could easily get to.  However, the more they thought about the kind of wedding that would be “them” the US didn’t feel right.  Furthermore, the traditional wedding planning process in the US felt stressful and overwhelming.  Kind of sucked the “fun” out of planning.

Thus, while brainstorming alternative ideas… Iceland and ice caves come into the conversation.  And Alyssa having been to Iceland before, often raved about how diverse and inspiring the landscapes are.  Next, Gavin found his way to Google…  Finding our Iceland wedding planning and photography team was like a dream come true that they didn’t even know existed until they found our website!  While scrolling through, they became excited about wedding planning again.  Especially since we could turn their wedding day into an unforgettable private EXPERIENCE!

Iceland February Wedding Day

Morning on February 26th 2020, began well before sunrise with our hair, makeup, and Iceland wedding photographer, Jean beginning with photographing details.  Excitement was pouring out of everyone!  Although, before jumping into the super jeep and embarking on their February Iceland wedding adventure these two had a quick emotional “first look.”

Immediately following, everyone grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeep!  A wintry wonderland awaited these two and their 4 guests!

Wedding Ceremony Inside an Ice Cave

One of the best things about having an Iceland February wedding adventure is the fact it is prime ice cave season.  So options and different types of ice caves are thriving throughout all of our 13 glaciers and countless outlets.  To illustrate, this specific ice cave they got married in was only accessible for them that day and has since melted away.  When you think about planning an ice cave wedding, it is truly mind blowing to think that a place only exists for you!

After a short snowy hike, the soon to be newlyweds and their guests settled into the cave for a stunning sunrise ceremony!  Gavin and Alyssa read their personal vows to each other and celebrated thoroughly after with bubbles and exploration!!

Exploring a Subglacial Volcano

Getting married at a glacier is likely the most unpredictable Iceland wedding location.  Firstly, because of how the weather in Iceland can sit and swirl on top and within the valleys.  Secondly, because of the type of ice cave… Depending on the time of year, formation, and temperatures, the ice cave can in fact sometimes be wetter than outside!  For example, there have been some cases where the weather was just overcast outside of the cave but inside it was pouring and crazy windy!

Additionally, also the fact the area has a volcano lurking underneath just amps up the adventure further, truly!  Within Iceland’s 4th largest glacier is one of the most notorious volcanoes, Katla.  As a result, this is likely the reason Alyssa and Gavin were loving the idea of getting married in an ice cave.  Exploring it after their wedding ceremony was super special and inspiring.  Unbelievable textures and tones!

Journey to a Snowy Natural Cave

Continuing, Alyssa and Gavin adventured on with their loved ones to a natural cave.  Also took this amazing opportunity to run around in the snow, make snow angels, have a snowball fight, and marvel over the size of the cave and beauty all around them!  Moreover, a natural cave can be a perfect safe haven for an Iceland February wedding!

Adventure Wedding Hot Lunch

During a cold Iceland February wedding adventure there is nothing better than warming up with a hot lunch experience!

Crossing Rivers Hand in Hand

Following the lunch experience, their guests “bailed out.”  Zero shame in that either!  In short, it gives you kind of like the best of both worlds… Time with your loved ones and then time to adventure together.  The adventure wedding schedule took them to a beautiful narrow canyon where they ran around in the river together!  Our Iceland elopement photographer loved every single second of crafting magic in it too!

Playfully Discovering Iceland’s Unique Landscapes

Icelandic landscapes are wild and untamed.  Mountains have unique shapes and look so fresh when covered in snow!  Leave it to these two share some fun dance moves in the snow…  After all, what better time?!  Their playful personalities are the BEST!!

Wedding with Guests Turns Hiking Elopement

Every time a wedding turns into a hiking elopement our hearts explode with happiness!  Seeing an adventurous couple 100% in their element, marveling over the landscape, and giggling on the way as they hike through thigh high snow!

Icelandic Horses Add to the Experience!

Horses in Iceland are unique.  Originally brought over by the Vikings over 1,000 years, the Icelandic horse bloodline has been untouched.  Luckily when these beauties popped into our teams path, we knew the landowner would be okay with our couple giving them some love!  Such a stunning photo opportunity!

Sunset on the Beach

Ending their Iceland February wedding adventure on a private black beach is just so special!  Taking time after to rest and refresh these two met their family back at the hotel for dinner.  During dinner they even delighted in a traditional Iceland wedding cake!

Lastly, has Gavin and Alyssa’s Iceland February wedding in an ice cave and beyond leave you ready to plan your own?  If so, feel free to contact us for more information!

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