Snowy Winter Elopement: Mary + Nathan

Snow somehow makes everything seem more magical!  As if more was even possible when you’re already planning an experience driven elopement in Iceland…  But a snowy winter elopement takes it up a notch.  Maybe it’s how snow makes everything look untouched and new.  Or that the cold temperatures make you want to cuddle up harder.  Alternatively, for Mary and Nathan it was journey and exploration of the adventurous landscapes that led them to eloping in February.  Join us as we share their story today!

Mary + Nathan

From a first date at the famed, Cobb & Pen to growing their relationship over the years.  Mary and Nathan’s connection is remarkable.  To illustrate, they love cooking together, to bike riding, traveling to an endless list of states and countries, building their doggy family, and being social butterflies.  Therefore, it felt totally natural for Mary proposed to Nathan on the day they closed on their new house.  Nathan said yes and snowy winter elopement planning began!

Next, believe it not, the storm of the century hit Iceland the week Mary and Nathan were scheduled to wed.  Furthermore, we all know how challenging the weather in Iceland can be so having a plan b, c, and d is always a must!  And Mary and Nathan were ready to embrace the day no matter what!

Meanwhile, the morning began before daybreak with the soon to be newlyweds getting ready together.  Our local Iceland elopement photographer forever documenting all of their fabulous details.  For example, this includes two wedding dresses, jewelry, bouquet, and groom details.  Following, Mary and Nathan headed outside to meet the super jeep team to embark!

Avalanche Waterfall

While driving to the glacier, the conditions pretty extreme.  Why? Because of the blizzard of the century brought down a massive amount of snow plus above freezing temperatures created giant slush pits.  Those conditions even give the most badass super jeep and driver trouble!

However, the group prevailed and even stopped at a once in a lifetime background along the way too.  To illustrate, an avalanche pouring down was creating a unique waterfall!  This astonishing sight left everyone in awe of how amazing mother nature is!

Ceremony in front of an Ice Cave

Planning a glacier or even ice cave wedding ceremony can be tricky as areas are ever changing.  However, Mary and Nathan had done their research to realize our Iceland Wedding Planner team location scouts weekly and have 100’s of glacier wedding experience.  So upon arriving to the area, the two hiked through deep snow to reach their Iceland wedding location.  Next, these two held their snowy winter elopement in front of an ice cave and a massive icicle formation!

Glacier & Ice Cave Discovery

After their winter elopement ceremony, it was time to discover the area first hand.  Firstly, the ice wall was ginormous!  Secondly, the snow covered ice formations in the valley were crisply blue.  Thirdly, as a bonus these two got the opportunity to experience a small ice cave too!

Lunch at a Frozen Mountain Waterfall

During the month of February the South of Iceland can often have frozen waterfalls and icicles handing from cliffs.  Therefore the next step on Nathan and Mary’s  winter elopement adventure was a location just like that!  Here they delighted in a traditional hot dog BBQ and champagne.  And how freaking ADORABLE is Mary in her Icelandic sweater?!

Black Beach Sunset

Being from Florida, these two loved the idea of exploring a private property black sand beach!  Also this was a prime opportunity for Mary to sport her other fabulous wedding dress…

Icicles and Fireworks

Lastly, rounding out their winter elopement adventure in Iceland these two enjoyed some ground fireworks alongside some icicles!  Dreamy end to a perfect day, right?!  Further, feel free to read all about what these two newlyweds had to say about their elopement on a Google review!  Has Mary and Nathan’s February adventure wedding left you craving to create your own?  Contact us for more information!

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