Audacious Elopement: Jessica + Dafydd

Non-traditional couples gravitate to unconventional experiences.  They are bold enough to go against societal norms or pressures and embrace what makes their relationship thrive.  Which could mean they adore extreme sports, love to travel, hike, bike, climb, fly, discover, willing to try anything once, and explore any chance they get.  So when the couple gets engaged and begins planning how they will get married, likely an audacious elopement is the right fit!

Adventure Seekers: Jess & Daf

Over seven years ago, Jessica (Jess) and Dafydd (Daf) meet.  In fact, their serendipitous encounter begins by them both applying for the same job… Fast forward a little bit and they are both working for the same company on the same project.  Meanwhile, they quickly realize they had so much in common.  For example, their passion for the great outdoors, nature, all types of cycling, travel, hiking,  camper-vanning (that’s a word right?), and both valuing having unique experiences built a crazy amazing foundation of friendship and love.

Next, Daf and Jess spend years traveling and cycling the world together.  For instance, they’ve spent weeks trekking through Nepal, through the Highlands of Iceland, cycling countless miles through the Alps, and so many other places.  But then these two curious explorers found their way to the gorgeous Lake District in the U.K in January 2019.  Mainly heading up with the intention a romantic getaway, a nice meal, and hiking the famed Catbells.

However, when beginning the hike they were greeted with 70 mph wind gusts that barely allowed them to hike upright.  Jess was so surprised when Daf proposed a lifetime of love and adventure to her.  And he gets extra bonus points for having a bottle of champagne and glasses in his backpack ready to celebrate their engagement!  After reveling in their newly engaged bliss they were ready to start talking about wedding planning.

Although, quickly they realized a big traditional hotel wedding in the U.K was not at all their vibe.  Naturally, these two find their way to our Iceland Wedding Planner team to plan an epic yet, audacious elopement!

Eloping in July in Iceland

About a year before they were wanting to elope in Iceland, Jess and Daf contacted us craving an unforgettable experience.  To illustrate, the words they shared with us for an ideal adventure elopement included the following: Action packed, experience driven, tranquil, rich, reflective, barren / rugged, expansive views, private, nature based, and relaxed / casual.  Truly all words that are at the core of an audacious elopement!

Daf and Jess began their July 29th 2020 elopement in a sweet little cabin in the South of Iceland around 5:30am.  Overall, the plan was to elope in Iceland and then take several weeks to cycle around the interior and exterior of Iceland like total badasses!

But first, they needed to elope before they jumped to their exciting honeymoon!  Our hair, makeup, and Iceland elopement photographer all went to work crafting and documenting.  Shortly before it was time to leave, the shared an intimate “first look” where Daf got to gush over his stunning bride to be!  With “go bags” in hand, they loaded into the super jeep for the day and embarked on their adventure!

Audacious Elopement Ceremony

Having been to a ton of offbeat locations throughout their previous cycling trip to Iceland these two were drawn to an area they hadn’t ever explored.  Plus, the custom Iceland wedding itineraries our team crafted fit in perfectly to where they wanted to go exploring after the wedding.  Meanwhile their audacious elopement ceremony was private, beautiful, extremely personal and intimate on all levels.

Adventuring with their Iceland Elopement Photographer

Following their canyon waterfall wedding ceremony, these two enjoyed time admiring and exploring the glory of this gorgeous location.  Happy to report too that our talent Iceland elopement photographer even got the drone up for more jaw dropping views!

Icelandic Lava Fields

Over 1,000’s of years of volcanic eruptions have created some really unique lava field areas.  Knowing Jess and Daf appreciate barren desolate landscapes, discovering this area was an exciting treat during their audacious elopement!

Chasing Love in the Icelandic Highlands

For a couple who thrive on experience driven trips, heading into the highlands is ideal.  Feeling the remoteness, seeing how vivid July is in Iceland, and the variety of landscapes is just so addicting.  Needless to say, as Daf and Jess continued on their their audacious elopement, they were memorized by the next waterfall they explored.

Standing on Top of a Waterfall

Have you ever had the opportunity to stand on top of a waterfall?  Frankly, it is powerful and invigorating, but can be scary to some!  This adventurous duo didn’t even bat an eyelash at the idea, they excitedly embraced it!  As a matter of fact, they even beat our elopement photographer over to the spot!!  Afterwards, their efforts were rewarded with a hot lunch by indulging in a traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ… but with bean hot dogs since these two are vegans!

Black Beach Exploration

Some say the colors of summer in Iceland are like no where else in the world.  Certainly we agree!  And what audacious elopement in Iceland would be complete without finding your way to a beautiful private black sand beach?!  Daf and Jess really delighted in exploring this one during their July adventure wedding…

Iceland Geothermal Area

Although Iceland is a land of lots of geothermal activity, if you don’t know where to look it can be hard to find.  Especially if you seek a private area with no ropes, barriers or signs infringing on the ambiance.  But not for our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  We’re in fact experts at finding private property locations whether it be geothermal areas, hot springs, or any other type of location.  All that said, the second half of the afternoon during Jess and Daf’s audacious elopement spent time discovering a very geothermal active spot!

Unique Place to Elope in Iceland

Likely in choosing Iceland as your adventurous elopement location, you want to discover untouched non-touristy places.  Maybe even to get to a certain spot, you need to hike!  After all, some of the most amazing locations in Iceland can only be seen by embarking on a hiking elopement.  As this lovely couple headed into the last part of the audacious elopement, they were game to switch up plans a bit and explore a new area… Fair to say it didn’t disappoint!

Romantic Dinner Fireside

Lastly, after exploring all day, these two were welcomed to the Hotel Grimsborgir Restaurant for a fireside romantic dinner!  Did you love reliving Jess and Daf’s audacious elopement in Iceland?  If you’re ready to start your very own journey, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us to get more information on our team and custom Iceland wedding planning process!

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