Winter Iceland Wedding Adventure: Janine + Mark

Depending on where you are in Iceland, it could be a 50 / 50 chance that there is snow on the ground during winter.  So planning a winter Iceland wedding can be challenging if snow is a “must have.”  Which could mean that you “plan b” your location days before or you plan to go to areas of Iceland that will for sure have snow during December-March.  For example, the West and East fjords and Northern Iceland.  However, if you are not partial to snow for your Iceland winter elopement, then we invite you to South Iceland to get married!

Janine + Mark

Meeting couples that literally radiate positive vibes all of the time is super exciting for our team!  You know, the kind people that when you’re talking to them your cheeks hurt from smiling so much!  It’s the same level of energy our team likes to exude.  That said, allow us to introduce you to Janine and Mark.  These two North Carolina natives, thrive on doing anything outdoors with each other.  For example, skiing, hiking, traveling both near and far.  When they travel, they like to have private luxury experiences!

After a Christmas Eve proposal, these two immediately reached out to us in hopes of planning a leap year winter Iceland wedding adventure!  Unfortunately, we had no availability with being fully booked that week with half our team here in Iceland and the other half traveling for an Antarctica wedding.  Luckily Janine and Mark were flexible and loved the second choice date of February 14th for their winter Iceland elopement!

February Elopement Begins at Hotel Grimsborgir

Weather in Iceland can often challenge your plans for the day.  In our decade of experience in Iceland planning and photographing adventurous elopements and experience driven weddings, we have never rescheduled an entire day because most times we “plan b” to another area that is less affected.  Therefore, on February 14th 2020, there was one of the worst storms of the year commandeering the entire island.  Analyzing the conditions and options, we presented Janine and Mark with a solid reschedule plan to February 16th instead.  Turns out the rescheduled wedding date brought endless blue skies too!

Morning brought a very early start in their Luxury Suite at Hotel Grimsborgir.  Our hair stylist and Iceland elopement photographer went to work crafting!  How fun is it that Janine surprised Mark with a day of gift too of custom cuff links!  Following a delicious breakfast, getting their wedding attire on, and grabbing their “go bags” they were ready to load into the super jeep to begin their Iceland winter wedding adventure!

Iceland Cave Wedding Ceremony

Sometimes having an Iceland cave wedding ceremony is a smart decision regardless of the weather.  In fact, in Mark and Janine’s case they just wanted to ensure they would be sheltered from the wind regardless of what the weather was doing.  Further, they also wanted to be able to be relaxed while they experienced their Iceland winter wedding ceremony.  Next, after their cave elopement, they explored the area inside and out with their talented local wedding photographer.

Lakeside Romance

Did you know Iceland has over 20 fresh water lakes to discover?  To illustrate, most of the them are beside crazy cool rock formations!  On that same note, during the month of February it is likely the lake could be frozen or having floating bits in it adding to the texture of the landscape.

Love Leads

Across Iceland you will find littler reminders of love within the dynamic landscapes.  Maybe you’ll see a heart in a mountain, in a rock, or a rainbow that makes you smile.  No matter what it is, take a moment to bask in its beauty and maybe even make a wish for your marriage or relationship!  Pretty sure that’s excatly what Janine and Mark did during their winter Iceland wedding!

Surrounded by 360 Degree Views

Being able to experience Iceland from the height of the top of mountains and witnessing 360 degree views on a clear day is addicting!  The level of adventure gets amped up too at this specific Iceland elopement location too.  Why?  Because our adventure wedding photographer has to be safely tethered to the super jeep to get the incredible shots!  Although the wind kicked up, our newlyweds thoroughly enjoyed this winter Iceland wedding spot.

Black Beach Waterfalls

There is something about the combination of lava rocks and rolling ocean waves that is really inspiring.  I don’t know if it’s the history that runs through the rocks, the power of the waves, or the fact that the waves hitting the lava walls can create a unique waterfall!  For instance, as many times as our team has visited this gorgeous black beach, it seems like the area changes.  Furthermore, this specific day, the waves were so strong that it created what looked like a waterfall in the lava walls allowing the opportunity for EPIC winter Iceland wedding photos!

Golden Cliffs and Iceland Adventure Elopement

Regardless if the sun shines or not these cliffs, they sparkle!  Visiting this Iceland golden cliff area, you need to know, part is within the Reykjanes GeoPark (lower part) and the other is on private property (higher area).  Please be mindful and respectful by being a responsible tourist as you enjoy.  Likewise, make sure you are also keeping a safe distance (like 2 body lengths or more) from the cliff edge.  Areas like this could have erosion that is not visible which in turn could than turn into a landslide.

Snowy Geothermal Heat

Exploring in the snow in during winter in the highlands of Iceland sounded like so much fun to Janine and Mark.  Moreover, showing these two a private geothermal area that was partly snow covered was thrilling!

Small Waterfalls and Big Love

Without a doubt, at this point they were over the moon in love!  Nevertheless, the day was not over, as it was time to discover a smaller wider waterfall.

Sunset on top of Mountains

Lastly, how would you want to end your winter Iceland wedding adventure?  With a glorious mountain sunset, maybe?  For Janine and Mark hiking out to another mountain point felt like the right way to end their jaw-dropping beautiful day.  Our Iceland elopement photographer was in heaven when she saw the last bits of warm light hitting the exact spot she wanted them to venture to!

Luxury Elopement Table for Two!

Eloping in Iceland still means you can have a cozy romantic dinner that oozes luxury!  To illustrate, our styling team created a themed setup of “Best Day Ever” that sat right in front of the fireplace and had bits of sparkly pinks!  Firstly, the floor was adorned with freeze dried rose petals from Flyboy Naturals, which made the area even more romantic!  Secondly, these two opted to change out of their wedding attire to don locally made Icelandic sweaters from The Handknitting Association of Iceland.

Indulge in a luxury winter Iceland elopement adventure with us, we dare you!  Feel free to contact us for more information.  Lastly, check out what Janine and Mark thought about their winter Iceland wedding experience with us by reading their Google Review for our Iceland Wedding Planner team!

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