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“We were together. I forget the rest.” –Walt Whitman

Such a romantic quote that really captures the essentials of eloping in Iceland! We hope you have felt those dreamy vibes from the images we have shared with you over the last 3 posts of Farid and Vanessa’s Icelandic wedding adventure. If you missed it, be sure to go back and enjoy those posts here:

Today we are rounding out their thrill-seeking Iceland wedding day by bringing you back to the beginning of the day details and celebrating the end. All of which happened at the fabulous ION Luxury Adventure Hotel. Vanessa and Farid began their wedding day with a sunrise breakfast in ION’s Silfra Restaurant. After parting ways, Vanessa made her way down to the Lava Spa to meet the fabulous hairstylist Marion and talented makeup artist Harpa. Having such incredible light coming through the over-sized windows, we decided that it would be a stunning spot for Vanessa to get her wedding dress on along with doing a few pre-wedding bridal photos. Can you imagine a more perfect place to get ready for your wedding day in Iceland? Shortly after, we left for their Iceland wedding ceremony at a stunning lakeside country church and then the adventure continued to Thingvellir National Park for romantic Iceland winter wedding portraits.

After their beautiful Iceland wedding photos at Thingvellir while on the way back to the ION Hotel, we stumbled upon the sweetest horse farm! Icelandic horses are not like the typical North American sized horse. They are much smaller in stature with their cute stocky legs! I gave Farid and Vanessa part of my lunch to feed the horses and they became fast friends. One horse even became a little too friendly attempting to climb over the fence to play, surprising us all!

Back at the ION we continued the Iceland wedding photo adventure in the Northern Lights Bar and in the snow covered lava fields around the hotel. Farid and Vanessa made a February wedding in Iceland look gorgeous, right? You better believe it! A four course traditional Icelandic wedding reception dinner was exactly what they needed after an exciting day of newly wedded bliss and ION delivered. Iceland Wedding Planner thoughtfully decorated their sweetheart table with some dazzling details such as Iceland wedding menus, embroidered black and white bride and groom napkins, and the best Iceland wedding favors we have found to date… genuine Icelandic moss candles! Without further delay, we are super excited to share these Iceland wedding photos at the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel with you, enjoy!

With a smile,
Ann & Chris Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer & Planner)

2014, Iceland Wedding Planner / Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved.

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