Luxury Ice Cave Elopement: Fia + Sævar

Two of the coolest things about getting married during the month of February in Iceland is that it’ll likely be snowy and it’s prime ice cave season!  And who doesn’t want the excitement of hiking to their very own private ice cave?!  In fact, on Fia and Sævar’s wedding location wish list was embarking on a luxury ice cave elopement!  Come along with us as we share their incredible adventure wedding…

Fia and Sævar Meet

Out of over 8 million people living within 5 boroughs of New York City, Fia and Sævar’s paths cross!  Their first meeting left Sævar “stunned to silence” because he was so impressed that such an ambitious, honest, adventurous, beautiful and caring woman was still single!  But he was so silent that Fia actually walked away from the coffee date thinking she would not see or hear from him again.  Thankfully she was wrong and later that week a lunch date with Sævar filled her agenda and their adventurous relationship began!

Additionally, these two quickly connected on their loves for foodie experiences, coffee, hiking, reading, Broadway shows, movies, and traveling the world.  Fun Fact- Neither of them are originally natives of New York City.  For example, Fia is originally from El Salvador and Sævar is from Iceland.  So travel is a huge part of their lives in going back to see their families, visiting interesting places for work, and adventuring together amidst countless other countries.

Iceland Proposal

Sævar and Fia traveled to Iceland for the third time to visit with friends and family in the summer of 2019.  However little did Fia know a hike to a remote spot on Sólheimajökull glacier would be the place she would be engaged!  High FIVE Sævar!!  Proposing in Iceland on a glacier is a milestone moment in itself.  Therefore, how would they then choose to get married… Perhaps a luxury ice cave elopement in Iceland??

Intentionally Choosing an Elopement

Although these two had tons of family in Iceland, El Salvador, and friends throughout NYC and beyond that would have loved to witness their next milestone, they opted in for a different route.  Choosing intentionally to elope in Iceland, these two made the conscience decision to do so.  Why?  Because they wanted the adventure to be all about THEM in a place they ADORE!  Also, for the day to be about how much they laugh together, discover, and how they make each other feel…  An experience driven luxury ice cave elopement is what they were seeking and our Iceland Wedding Planner team crafted AMAZING CUSTOM options!

Eloping in February in Iceland

Of all the decisions to make during your lifetime, choosing where, when, and how to get married is an important one.  After our first Skype call with Fia and Sævar, we knew they felt empowered in their decision to elope.  Frankly, it was refreshing!  Furthermore, since Sævar is from Iceland and Fia was obsessed with he landscapes, having a private experience of a luxury ice cave elopement felt 100% them.

Their February wedding adventure began shortly after 5am inside of their suite at Hotel Klaustur.  Our talented hair, makeup, videographer, and local Iceland elopement photographer were all rocking it out!  Then hours before sunrise everyone grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeep to begin the adventurous elopement!!

Luxury Ice Cave Elopement

As the dawn light rose over the mountains in Southern Iceland the excitement grew in the super jeep!  On the way, Davíð our teams super jeep driver, recanted the incredible folklore tale that goes along with the glacier.  Growing up in Iceland and visiting countless times, even our groom to be had never visited such hidden areas.  Woohoo!  Truly a perfect start to their luxury ice cave elopement!

Upon arriving to the secret spot, the group embarked on a 30 minute hike through the freshly fallen snow (no crampons needed!).  It was soooo inspiring!  Next, everyone let out excited yelps when they saw the blue ice tunnel uncover itself within the white snow.  These two held a beautiful blue ice cave wedding ceremony that was intimate, uplifting, and unforgettable!  For example, you can see their vows in almost real-time with their Iceland wedding film at the end of this post.

Blue Ice Cave Wedding Photos

Likely, if you’re getting married in Iceland in February, you want to explore a blue ice cave.  There is something just so crazy and pure about it that makes it so EPIC!  After the ceremony was done, our team always gives couples ample time to discover the location.  To illustrate, these two thoroughly enjoyed a 5 senses experience adventuring all around the cave, inside and out all while our elopement photographer and film team captured their journey!

Iceland Natural Cave Elopement Picnic

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of history in a book.  On the other hand, history in person is a totally different story!!  Anytime we find our way to discovering this natural cave in Iceland it literally and figuratively BLOWS MY MIND!  For instance, there is still volcanic ash on the ground from the last eruption you can see, touch, and smell.

This cave only exists because the nearby glacier and river carved it out over the years.  Pretty darn incredible!!  …and to get here is an unforgettable adventure too!  More on that if you find your way to becoming an Iceland Wedding Planner couple!

So imagine having a sweet HOT picnic lunch inside of it after your luxury ice cave elopement ceremony…

Exploring an Exclusive Black Beach

Hundreds of years ago, lava flowed throughout South Iceland within the countless eruptions.  During the flow, the lava carved out amazing landscape art like basalt cliffs.  A wonder of nature, truly!  Exploring volcanic beaches during your adventure elopement is exciting!  Especially when you’re venturing to private property locations with us that have ZERO tourists!  The newlyweds savored their time here trekking around the beach and lava rock waterfall!

History Comes Alive in Iceland

Over 100 lighthouses dot Iceland’s 3,000+ miles of coastline.  And each one has their own story.  Colors vary too which makes it even more fun to visit.  The colors of this Southern Iceland lighthouse is crazy cool among all the lava, making it a very dynamic backdrop for Iceland elopement photos!

Elopement Styled Table at Hotel Klaustur

Ending the day with another bit of luxury is exciting!  Following their luxury ice cave elopement adventure, the lovers took time to rest and then came back down for a semi-private styled reception table for two!  Elements of bringing the outside in were strong mixed with a level of elegance and adventure.

Ice Cave Elopement in February Wedding Film

Lastly, but not least is their lovely Iceland Elopement Film by the talented Iceland Wedding Planner team’s local videographer: Daniel Thomas!  Frankly, he captured the love and admiration Fia and Sævar have for each other and their unique adventure through our private side of Iceland.  Bravo Daniel!

Maybe, you’re leaving this luxury ice cave elopement blog post with the intrigue of wanting to plan your own custom adventure?  If so, our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact us for more information!!

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