Icy Elopement in the Icelandic Countryside

Did you know that only 11% of Iceland is truly covered in “ice?”  With the name, I know folks feel a bit deceived but that’s thanks to our favorite Viking, Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson.  In the 9th century he sailed on purpose to Iceland led by three ravens.  When the third raven never returned, he continued in the direction it flew.  Stumbling soon onto this country in the far north, he chose to call it Iceland because he spotted icebergs within a bay, thinking it would be worthless land.  Therefore, if you’re a history buff, you might love the idea of planning an icy elopement in the Icelandic countryside!

Eloping in Iceland and Getting Ready Together

A fabulous couple from California (names intentionally kept private) hired our Iceland Wedding Planner team for many reasons.  For example, a few of them follow…

  1.  The unique experience driven wedding adventures our team crafts.
  2.  We offer exclusivity at our Iceland elopement locations (ZERO tourists) that are via super jeeps!
  3.  Iceland Wedding Planner has countless 5 star reviews on Google, The Knot, and Wedding Wire.
  4. Our talented local elopement photographers!
  5.  They wanted to be married in a natural ice cave and we have access the BEST and most PRIVATE options!
  6.  Because of their careers, they asked for privacy on all fronts.
  7. During the wedding adventure, we offer traditional and cultural things for them to partake in (see below for more info).
  8.  The positive energy our team exudes is freaking soooo FUN and contagious!

All of those reasons kind of make it a no brainer, huh?  Well these two soon-to-be newlyweds thought so too!!  They were married on February 17th in the Icelandic countryside.  First, our photographer, hair, and makeup team ventured into their suite well before sunrise.  Second, while wedding dress details were photographed the groom slept in a bit!  But then they finished getting ready together and grabbed their “go bags” to load into the super jeep to embark on their icy elopement!

Snowy Mountain First Look

Believe it or not, you can still have a “first look” even when you elope AND get ready together!  To illustrate, on the way to the icy elopement in an ice cave in Iceland, we paused for the glorious sunrise on one of our favorite mountains.  The groom jumped out, the bride popped off her coat and unveiled the full beauty of her dress!  Next she walked towards him in the snow and gave him a sweet little tap on the shoulder for him to get the full view of her entire gorgeous look!  Super fun and sweet moment between the two!

Hiking to Your Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony Location

During the month of February in Iceland, it can be hit or miss with snow, blizzards, rain, or fog.  Likely why always tell our couples to always prepare for the worst weather in Iceland and hope for the best!  However, these two brought blazing sunshine with them from California for parts of the day and they thoroughly enjoyed every second!

Meanwhile, hiking to your ceremony location is one of the most inspiring things we think you can do.  Firstly, you all know we’re huge fans of hiking elopements!  Secondly, hiking to a natural ice cave that is 100% private, zero tourists lurking about, and a path to get there created JUST FOR YOU two that morning is even more MAGICAL somehow.  Thirdly, this icy elopement ceremony even had their own platform for the ceremony dug out moments before it began!  Suddenly though during their exploration time in the ice cave blizzard conditions quickly came in adding more excitement!

Exploring a Natural Ice Cave in Iceland

Since our Iceland Wedding Planner team doesn’t sit in an formal “office” everyday in Reykjavik and we are based in Southern Iceland, we scout weekly!  True Story… Check out our Insta-Stories to witness!  This dynamic is super important to our adventure wedding process and our couples!  Why?  Because when we scout, we intentionally go out looking for new locations, textures, and places to WOW you!

For instance, these two loved the idea of exploring multiple ice caves during their icy elopement in Iceland.  And therefore we delivered yet another one for them to explore that even had more of an adventure level attached to it!  See for yourself as our Iceland elopement photographer captured their discovery perfectly!

February Wedding in Iceland

As soon as these two headed back to the super jeep to warm up the sun showed her beautiful face again!  Leave it to the unpredictable winter months to keep you on your toes and leave you utterly inspired!!  Who’s sold already on having their own icy elopement?

Traditional Icelandic Lunch in a Cave

Lunchtime comes quick when you’re adventuring together!  The newlyweds opted in for a traditional hot dog BBQ experience in one of our many private property natural caves.  Remember, hot dogs in Iceland are not the dirty American ones you may be used to.  Rather they are primarily made with lamb meat!  Personally, you couldn’t pay me enough to eat an American hot dog, but an Icelandic one I’ll take down 2-3!  Plus having a hot lunch during your icy elopement can be a total energy game changer!  After lunch these lovers explored the nearby landscapes by running around hand in hand in the fresh snow!

Wandering Around in Blizzard-like Conditions!

As the icy elopement adventure continued, blizzard-like conditions came in!!  Crazy cool experience captured for them to remember FOREVER!  Are you up to the challenge of this kind of experience driven elopement?

Icy Elopement Photos

You do not have to go all the way to a glacier to experience ice in Iceland!  For example, often during the month of February you can find beautiful icicles hanging throughout many natural features in the countryside.  Which make for a stunning icy elopement backdrop!

Sunset and Frozen Waterfalls

Staying with our theme of frozen features during this February wedding in Iceland…  As they neared the end of their 8-10 hour icy adventure elopement they visited a unique place which is not often fully snow covered really ever!  Seriously, we can count on one hand how many times we’ve witnesses this unique phenomena.  The iciness, the colors, textures, and sunset all together made it a really fun journey!  After all who doesn’t want to see a half frozen waterfall?!

Travel Inspired Sweetheart Reception Table

Returning to the hotel after sunset, these two had some time to rest and refresh after their icy elopement adventure!  Following, they came down to a surprise… A travel inspired sweetheart reception table!  Complete with a traditional kransakaka too!

Northern Lights Elopement Photographs

Lastly but not least, February is our favorite month to go Northern Lights hunting!  After dinner these two were game to go out with our Iceland elopement photographer to see if they could find and create a lovely nighttime shot too!

Maybe this fabulous icy elopement has left you empowered to possibly plan your very own custom adventure.  Truly our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to hear from you if so, feel free to contact us for more information!

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