Lovely Summer Wedding at Hotel Borealis

Summer weddings in Iceland seem like a good idea no matter where you hail from.  The months of June, July, and August against the rest of the years months typically bring warmer temperatures.  Our personal favorite best month to get married in Iceland is August.  There are a lot of pros to having an Iceland summer wedding adventure from less rain, the lupine blooming mid June to mid July to overall those months are our greenest time of the year.  British Isle natives, Emily and Danny felt having a lovely summer wedding at Hotel Borealis was perfect for them!  So come along with us today as we share with you their sweet little adventure through some of Iceland’s iconic locations…

Returning to Iceland to Marry:

Emily and Danny are no strangers to Iceland and her endless beauty.  One of their many trips they have taken in their 7+ years of couple hood, was coming to explore Iceland.  Every corner they turned they felt in constant amazement!  Spending their days chasing Southern Iceland waterfalls, whale watching, and snorkeling through tectonic plates these two felt right in their element.  When they left the island after their big adventure, they were seriously inspired and left in utter awe.  Emily and Danny felt drawn to come back to Iceland, so when they began talking about where they would get married it was definitely on the list!

Emily and Danny have a mutual love for landscapes, nature, and wildlife throughout the course of the relationship so it was important for them to share this with their guests as well.  These two were hoping to plan an Iceland wedding that would exude the essence of the colorful outdoors, the sea, low key (chill), that was also smooth and not flashy in any way.

With the Icelandic Krona being at an all time high this past summer, our Iceland Wedding Planner team was challenged to craft options that could work within Emily and Danny’s budget.  It was ultimately decided, that since all of their family and friends had never visited or seen much about Iceland before, that having a adventurous bus wedding to some offbeat waterfalls but still paying homage to some of the iconic tourist locations made the most sense for this group.  Our adventurous Iceland Wedding Planner team, does not often take on clients who are interested in visiting tourist locations, but when the couples are so fun and charming like Emily and Danny, we make an exception.

Coming from the Isle of Man and understand the unpredictability of weather and fully embraced it!  So when the wedding day arrived, they were ready for anything mother nature would bring them for their summer wedding at Hotel Borealis!

Iceland Wedding getting ready at Hotel Borealis:

Staying with the more low key natural vibe Emily and Danny were going for, our Iceland Wedding Planner team felt that Hotel Borealis would be the best fit.  It is a hotel that ticked all of the boxes from no frills, private dining space, and delicious Icelandic food!  Super fun to stay at a place that has a sense of family and friends too.  Often when we stay here we are first greeted by the resident cats keeping the place mouse free =)

Emily decided to do her own hair and makeup for her adventure wedding.  Our Iceland wedding photography team began capturing all of the details that June 16th morning around 5:30am!  How pretty does Emily’s Iceland wedding dress look with the fabulous mountains surrounding Hotel Borealis?!  Gorgeous!

Iceland Adventure Wedding Begins:

Around 8am the bus arrives and all of Emily and Danny’s 25+ guests load inside and the Iceland adventure wedding begins!  They decided to keep the locations a surprise to their guests so upon arrival the guests had no idea where they would marry in Iceland.  They were delighted to see they had chosen a gorgeous waterfall that was once an oasis for weary travelers that were crossing the highlands on horseback.  Fun Fact: It was actually the first place they could allow their animals to graze.

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team had benches and chairs setup for their fabulous group to enjoy during their seated ceremony.  The group made their way down to Emily and Danny’s summer wedding at Hotel Borealis.  Many locals refer to this offbeat waterfall as the unity waterfall.  Which seems pretty perfect if you’re going to get married! 😉  Our favorite Pastor officiated the ceremony and connected everyone forever to the dynamic landscape!

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Photos:

Following their Iceland wedding ceremony, there was a fabulous big group photo and a champagne toast with one of our favorite champagne houses Nicolas Feuillatte.  Summer wedding photos in Iceland bring with them an abundant amount of Alaskan Lupine.  Luckily this fabulous waterfall is flooded with them during their wedding date of June 16th!  Frolicking around in the lupine is a super fun thing to do (just make sure you watch your dress because they stain!), especially for Iceland wedding photos!

Offbeat Waterfall in the Golden Circle:

As we alluded to before, we do not often taken on bus adventure weddings unless the clients is super cool.  On the same note, we never ever do weddings within the token “Golden Circle” because of the amount of tourists that infiltrate it each day.  There are however a handful of waterfalls that are a little more offbeat though believe it or not!  So when we have a client who requires a stricter budget, we have them head there to explore.  This specific wide waterfall is so lovely because it filters into a canyon, is a prime spot for local fishing, and has a crazy cool salmon ladder you can get up close and personal to!

Geysir and Gullfoss Wedding Photos:

Two locations that stuck with Emily and Danny from their first trip to Iceland was Geysir ad Gullfoss.  So as we were crafting their Iceland wedding day schedule, it was important to them to ensure these locations were apart, even if only for a few minutes.  Note: These two locations are HEAVILY populated with a never-ending line of tourists, so beware of this.

Black Beach Wedding Photos in Iceland:

Having a wedding in Iceland with guests, it is important to remember that sharing with your guests a variety of locations goes a long way.  So Emily and Danny went from having their lovely summer wedding at Hotel Borealis from offbeat waterfalls to geothermal area and now they needed to diversify to a black sand beach!  The sun was shinning and the afternoon was total bliss for their Iceland wedding photos on the beach!

Kerid Volcano Crater Wedding:

Emily and Danny wanted to ensure their guests got the full feel of Iceland and a little piece of what they experienced in their first trip together.  The last iconic spot they wanted to share wit their guests was Kerid Volcano Crater.  Although we do not typically pitch in our custom Iceland wedding schedules such a heavily populated tourist location, we do appreciate it.

One of my favorite folklore stories is from this area about a monster living in the lake.  When you go to “search” for it at Kerid, the monster travels through an underground tunnel to the mountain crater behind Hotel Borealis!  This being our last location of the day, it was time to conclude the summer wedding at Hotel Borealis.

Summer Wedding at Hotel Borealis:

Having a summer wedding a Hotel Borealis is not only an affordable decision but a delicious one!  On Danny and Emily’s “must have” list was having a natural feeling place and a private room for their reception.  They wanted to flexibility of being able to bring in a DJ or craft their own Spotify playlist and Borealis’ barn was perfect!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner stylist came in earlier to decorate the gorgeous reception space with fresh eucalyptus, candles, and wanderlust sign, all from the rental section of our website.  So pretty!

The guests rested and refreshed and then were invited to come down to the summer wedding at Hotel Borealis reception!  It was there they delighted in a grilled buffet, drinks, dancing, and conversing all about the day!  It’s so fun to share with each other what your favorite Iceland wedding location was!

Did you totally enjoy Emily and Danny’s adventurous summer wedding at Hotel Borealis through Iceland’s iconic locations and want to craft something similar?  Feel free to contact us for more information to get that awesomeness started!


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