Iceland Engagement Photographer: Winter Portrait Adventure

At the start of every year, our Iceland Wedding Planning and Photography team loves kicking off the year with something special!  This past start to 2018’s New Year’s Day began with a fantastic couple from the US that found their way to Iceland to spend some dreamlike days together with a Iceland engagement photographer in tow.

Originally the plan was for Tom to propose during their an Iceland proposal adventure with us, but days before the right time, place, and moment under the famed Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) came to be and he proposed early!  They were lucky enough to have a private guide who was skilled enough to snap a keepsake photograph of Tom proposing under the northern lights!  So when they met our Iceland engagement photographer, they decided it would be for a daring portrait session instead.

When they met their Iceland engagement photographer, they were ecstatic there was no pressure and they could just be themselves and enjoy the offbeat locations!  So come along with us today as we share with you a very adventurous engagement session in Iceland!

Heart Shaped Mountain in Iceland:

Their adventurous Iceland pre-wedding session began with the most gorgeous morning light and the two of them frolicking around in the fresh snow that had fallen overnight.  Such a romantic setting!  The Iceland engagement photographer knew about a heart shaped mountain that was the perfect spot to explore first.  The weather was so perfect our photographer in Iceland was even able to create some magic on their drone!

Iceland Engagement Session at Golden Sea Cliffs:

The light that comes with the Icelandic winters is like having a constant sunrise or sunset.  It’s crazy beautiful, but at times it can also be rare to see the sun in January as many times it is overcast, snowy, high winds, or rain.  Needless to say these two got lucky with that first day of January 2018!  Since the morning was blazing with sun an ideal spot is a breathtaking spot we like to call Iceland’s golden sea cliffs!  Having the mountains in the background slightly snow capped was such picturesque experience that their Iceland engagement photographer was thrilled to capture!

Black Sand Beach Pre-Wedding Photos in Iceland:

When you think about the types of dynamic landscapes Iceland has you really cannot leave without visiting a black sand beach.  Luckily our Iceland engagement photographer has access to some super unique ones!  This awesome Iceland proposal location is one of our favorite black sand beaches in Iceland because it not only comes with sand but tons of amazing lava rocks!  These two newly engaged explored together basking the in the sunshine and hearing the waves crash during their pre-wedding session in Iceland!

Iceland Cave Proposal Location:

Since the weather in Iceland can be unruly during wintertime, it’s important that if you do not wish to experience it firsthand that you have a “plan b” ready to go.  For example a natural cave can be an ideal spot for an inclement weather spot.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team prides itself on our unique Iceland proposal, engagement, and wedding locations.  We take the time to scout weekly, new locations and attain exclusive access to those locations so our clients have a more intimate and private experience for such a special moment.

In the original plan, Tom had chosen a super cool natural cave as the “plan b” for blizzard option.  Since it wasn’t needed, their Iceland engagement photographer still thought it would be fun to go explore it as the morning light turned to evening!  Oh la la the Iceland cave pre-wedding photos brought incredible icicles and a stunning sunset!  …and how lovely does the Iceland engagement ring look on an icicle?!  Love it!

Thinking about Proposing in Iceland?

Iceland is one of the most dynamic and adventurous places you will ever visit.  That small fact also brings it to being one of the most memorable places you could choose to propose to your partner!  How exciting!!  Our Iceland proposal and engagement session locations are offbeat, on private property and offer elements you have never ever seen before.

After all, if you find yourself ready to adventure through life with someone special and then book a trip to explore Iceland… Why be anti-climactic and propose or have your engagement session at one of the overrun tourist locations?!  Don’t be cookie cutter and walk in the shoes of like the other millions of people who visit Iceland each year.  That moment should be private, sweet, and forever part of your love story, not shared with countless others.

This adventurous duo proves its way more fun to head to offbeat unique locations for Iceland engagement photos!  Feeling inspired?  Feel free to contact our Iceland Wedding Planners and Iceland engagement photographers for more information HERE!

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