How Do You Get the Best Iceland Wedding Adventure Ever?

Hire Us to get the Best Iceland Wedding Adventure Ever!  Duh!  Ha, sucked you in with the headline, right?

Woah!  So here we are and it’s our 2nd year milestone already!  It has officially been 2 years since I started this awesome Iceland Wedding Planner Blog!

Since October 2012, I have brought you 84 Iceland wedding planning blog posts.  Super thrilled also to say that over 175 countries have found their way to our blog and generated almost 100,000 views!  That being said, today, I am totally toasting cheers to YOU!  I appreciate you as our reader, your interest in Iceland destination weddings, love for Iceland wedding photography, and all of your curious inquiries!

::Thank You::

So as you know, every company evolves and it’s important to do so.  I personally, embrace/welcome change and opportunities to be better (professionally and personally), always.  This past year I have learned some amazing lessons (IE, Not letting anyone dull my sparkle) and have had some awesome transitions like, adding the fabulous Beth Golden to our Iceland planning team along with bringing in some AMAZING strategic partners!

So who is Iceland Wedding Planner?

  • We’re professional, crazy creative, planning and scheduling geniuses, your answer source, feel like your best friends and sometimes your witty comic relief =)
  • We love to laugh, create, connect, make your Iceland wedding day perfect, combat all unexpected moments (like big brown labs photo bombing) with a giggle and a plan, and more importantly forever pause this super exciting time in your lives with unforgettable Iceland wedding portraits!

What started out as a joke over wine, turned into this short little 56 second film showing you our silly side!  It snowed, slightly hailed, and we prevailed to bring you this little ditty, enjoy!  Also note the special photo-bombing appearance by Nagli (Translation- Hard as Nails), the famous Hotel Budir pup!

PS- We are putting our “Top Iceland Wedding Hotel List for 2014” on hold until December because we must celebrate and share with you in the upcoming weeks a GORGEOUS Iceland Pre-Wedding Session and Tiffany + Brian’s 40+ person wedding we just photographed (21 months of planning finally came alive)!  Sneak peak as the header photo today but make sure you ….stalk our blog like everyday, okay?

Lots of smiles to you, Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer and Planner)

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