Destination Wedding Photographer Photos by Miss Ann

Hey Pretty!

I hope this finds you well and excited for the day!  This week, we are taking a break from our Iceland wedding planning advice to share with you the other side of our fabulous Iceland wedding business: Photos by Miss Ann.

I flew solo at James and Rochelle’s wedding last week and they had such a whimsical day (Chris is so jealous he didn’t get to photograph them)!  The bride, Rochelle is the kind of girl who just lights up the room when she enters.  She is clever, stunning, super sweet and nothing compares to seeing her on her wedding day.  James is witty, extremely thoughtful, and handsome.  Perfect combination between the two!  All of their bridal party members, family, and friends followed suit, as they were all uber welcoming.  Lucky me as their wedding photographer, right?!  Yes!

These two were simply delightful to be around and the kisses they shared were storybook! Clearly they have found their lifetime loves and their affection for each other will warm your heart!  To Rochelle and James, I had a blast being a part of your wedding day and hope that you treasure these images that are bursting of your love for each other… Enjoy!

With a smile, Ann Peters

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© 2002-2013, Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved

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