Iceland Glacier Wedding: Mýrdalsjökull Glacier (Katla Volcano)

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Where in Iceland do you get married if you’re a fun Canadian couple, who are thrill seekers, and have a love for earthy natural wonders?  …On top of the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier on the Southern rim of Katla Volcano, that’s where!

Ha =)  Thanks for coming back this week to see Tara and Landon hold their Iceland wedding ceremony on the top of a glacier in Iceland.  Hopefully you enjoyed their Thingvellir Engagement Session (Iceland Pre-Wedding Session) and Iceland wedding video over the last few weeks!

The early morning of Tara and Landon’s wedding day on June 27th was spent at a wonderful geothermal hotel named Frost & Fire Guesthouse in Southern Iceland’s hot spring town of Hveragerði. The hotel grounds are full of geothermal heat vents and all the hotel rooms sit beside the gorgeous Varma River.  All of which made for a very dreamy backdrop as the bride and groom got ready for their day together.  Shortly after 9am, we all loaded up and drove about 1.5 hours west to Arcanum to meet the glacier guide and Icelandic pastor for the journey up to the top of the glacier.  The anticipation to get to the top of the glacier was off the charts!  The bride and groom could not stop swapping smiles, laughing, and taking an occasional fun shot of Brennivin through the bumpy ride.  They were too cute!

Tara and Landon’s Iceland wedding ceremony spot was on the top of the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier on the Southern rim of the famed Katla Volcano.  (Which as a fun side note… The volcano is actually way over overdue for an eruption (– last was in 1918).  Had they chosen to hold their ceremony one week later, they would have been forced to choose another location as they a week later did not allow any tours to the top, due to glacier flooding).  After a 40 minute climb to the top, we were there and in the clouds!

As soon as we arrived the champagne went in the snow… What better way to chill champagne than on the glacier itself!  To all of our surprise, it was hot (like 55 degrees!) on top of the glacier!  It was so warm the bride took off her Icelandic shawl!  During the ceremony the sun tried burning through the clouds during the ceremony and totally succeeded with giving us some blue skies.  The brides white ¾ length dress, red boots, yellow and red Icelandic poppy paper bouquet and the groom’s complementary accents really popped next to all of the white snow, it was gorgeous and so fun!

During their glacier wedding ceremony, three really sweet things happened… First they exchanged vow books to silently read, so special!  Second, they did a really unique unity ceremony which was a beautiful Australian tradition called the “Stone Unity Ceremony.” I sadly will not do it justice so I am going share verbatim…

“To be further united Tara and Landon, since you are both Geoscientists and share a love of the earth, you have chosen to embrace an Australian marriage tradition by casting a stone into a nearby river or ocean – thus symbolizing your marriage remaining together while the tides of time ebb and flow over your lives.  Since we are standing here today in Iceland on a river of ice, I invite you to bury 2 stones into the glacier today to symbolize your togetherness.  The two stones you have chosen are gemstone hearts made of Jade and Rose Quartz.

Jade is an ancient stone that is a powerful symbol of successful love, wisdom, beauty and serenity.  It is also protective stone that protects and supports loving energy and guards against misfortune.  Landon will bury the jade heart beside Tara’s heart, as today he pledges his love for Tara and promises to protect her and their love.

Rose quartz is often called the “Love Stone” and promotes unconditional love, forgiveness, infinite peace and compassion. It represents harmony in happy loving relationships and teaches us about the true essence of love.  Tara will bury the rose quartz heart beside Landon’s heart, as today she pledges her love for Landon and promises to nurture their unconditional love.

Once buried today, these gemstones will travel together in the glacier through time.  This action will symbolize how far you have and will travel together and how your love will always be steadily moving forward.  Tara and Landon, will you now bury your stones.”

As they buried their stones the Icelandic pastor, Egill read a special Eskimo Love Poem.  Swoon!!!!!  It was so beautiful!  The conclusion of the ceremony included a really sweet Icelandic blessing.  Once finished, the Iceland Wedding Planners popped open a bottle champagne and served them some delicious Icelandic treats.  They took some time alone to walk around hand in hand and explored the glacier together.  Several stops along the way down from the glacier top proved to be gorgeous spots for Iceland wedding photos!

Stay tuned next week for more of their Iceland wedding adventures… some pretty EPIC images coming your way!

With a smile, Ann (Iceland Wedding Photographer & Planner)

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