Undiscovered Elopement Adventure: Ashley + Zach

Planning a remote elopement in Iceland, means you’re far away from any tourists and Route 1.  And really, how freaking fabulous is that?!  Ashley and Zach quite literally craved a day of adventuring together hiking to private places few have laid their eyes on!  Therefore, let’s watch their lovely undiscovered elopement journey unfurl…

Ashley + Zach

In 2013, Ashley and Zach find themselves on their first date together watching the French horror-comedy movie, named Rubber.  Their love for rescuing cats, food, culture, unique experiences, gaming, hiking, and really anything outside all played into the foundation of their relationship.  Then in early 2019, these two were on a hiking trip around Hocking Hills.  Meanwhile, while in their treehouse hot tub, Zach proposed an entire lifetime of adventures and Ashley said yes!  That night, they decided on planning a undiscovered elopement in Iceland!

Eloping on October 19th 2021

Next, like many couples who were scheduled to get married in the Fall of 2020, these two had to make the hard decision of rescheduling.  But then it would make October 19th 2021 that much sweeter when it finally came!  And when the day arrived, it began at Hotel Klaustur well before sunrise.  Our hair, makeup and Iceland elopement photographer getting right to work crafting!  Shortly before they were ready to load into the super jeep for their undiscovered elopement adventure, Ashley surprised Zach a day of gift.

Fire and Ice Wedding Ceremony

Being an alternative type couple, these two wanted an undiscovered elopement ceremony at a glacier.  Moreover, it was important to incorporate themes of fire, ice and Norse roots as well.  Therefore, our Iceland Wedding Planner team brought in weather resistant fire pots, reindeer fur bench, Viking horn, Brennivín, and the couple brought locally made Mead to toast with!

This specific day in October was literally a “slush fest” day at the glacier and frankly challenging on all levels for setup, execution, and documentation.  For instance, falling into ice water up to your chest kind of thrilling moments.  But we’re all experts at what we do and worked in solutions to craft a fabulous setup and soulful ceremony.

Next, Ashley and Zach shared with each other lifetime oaths they intend on keeping too!  Once the ceremony was finished the newlyweds toasted each other and explored this breathtaking glacier area…

Luxury Picnic at a Waterfall

Meanwhile, we all know that a picnic at a waterfall is always a good idea.  However, why not step it up a notch and indulge in a luxury lunch experience during your undiscovered elopement?  Well that’s exactly what Zach and Ashley did!

To illustrate, you can taste all sorts of traditional and cultural even if you’re not a red meat lover / supporter too as you’ll see below.  Taking a break from the hustle of the day to enjoy the moments sights and sounds is important!  And after these two adventured around every inch of this magnificent place!

Undiscovered Elopement Exploration

Although we scout our locations thoroughly, there are sometimes a few hidden gems we forget!  For example while venturing to the last stunning highland location, Zach seized the opportunity to checkout a super old outhouse tucked away in miles of moss!

Furthermore, sunset in the mountains and during fall comes quick and left us exploring in dusk light.  Kinda added an element of unforgettable romance though as these two savored the last bits of light!

Private Room Styled Elopement Reception

Even when you elope, you can still rent a private room, have a styled table created for you, have a 5 course meal, and indulge in a traditional wedding cake!  After all planning to elope in Iceland is ALL ABOUT YOU TWO, do what you DESIRE!  Take a page out of Zach and Ashley’s book and be inspired…

Nighttime Waterfall Fireworks & Iceland Elopement Film

Lastly, the weather in Iceland does not always cooperate when it comes to Northern Lights.  There are other cool things to do to end the night!  For instance, waterfall exploring, at night!  Add in a ground firework or two, some lights, and an adventurous couple and BOOM, MAGIC happens!

Not only all that, but a big shout out to Painted Sky Films who joined our team for Ashley and Zach’s undiscovered adventure…  Do not miss their wonderful Iceland elopement film below.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in planning your own unique elopement in Iceland, contact us to find out more!

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