Iceland Wedding Dress Accessories

My Fair Ladies!

Let me guess, you might be at the point right now, where you have bought your stunning Iceland destination wedding dress and are now totally confused about what would be an elegant add on for your ears, hands, or hair… Right?  Don’t worry lovely, I have you covered with some fresh ideas!

One of my favorite makeup artists Catina, from The Beauty Room has recently expanded her business scope to include some stunning bridal accessories via the lovely line of Chloe and Isabel.  Have you heard of this beautiful company before?  They have the most amazing mission statement I adore as follows:

Be Creative.

Be Confident.

Be You.

The jewelry screams: Gorgeous Me, Romance Me, Love Me, Kiss Me, Compliment Me, and Ravish Me all at the same time!  They have endless options in all of you beautiful ladies styles, as you’ll peruse below…

Iceland Wedding Dress Accessories-Vintage Romance-Iceland Wedding Planner

If your Iceland wedding accessory style is between Vintage Romance to Earthy Boho… Try this:

Iceland Wedding Dress Accessories-4

But then maybe you decide that being a Princess for the day is more up your alley and want to GLAM it up!  Options for you HERE pretty!

Iceland Wedding Dress Accessories-3

Or are you are a gal who doesn’t frequently wear jewelry?  So doing something more soft and understated like THIS may be more comfortable to don on your Iceland Wedding Day.

Iceland Wedding Dress Accessories-2

If you’re dying to take on the full on Hollywood Glam mode, I dare you to adorn THESE!

Iceland Wedding Dress Accessories-1

So many styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and headpieces to choose from!

Iceland Wedding Dress Accessories-0

Let your Iceland wedding adventure begin perfectly styled with warm inviting bling on around your neck, your hands or hair!  I can just see you now with THESE beauties adorning your beautiful Iceland wedding dress!

Iceland Adventure Wedding Dress Accessories

Endless options to consider, so take a few minutes to explore these beautiful and affordable Iceland wedding jewelry, via Catina’s website HERE.

I simply, cannot wait to be your Iceland wedding photographer and photograph these beauties on your bod!  …Now somebody PLEASE find a fast forward button so I can see what you picked!!!!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Adventure Wedding Planners + Photographers)


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