Boho Bridal Jewelry for Your Iceland Wedding

Have I told you lately how much I adore Chloe and Isabel jewelry?  They have recently launched their new lines for the year and wow-wee ladies you MUST SEE!  They have a whole line dedicated to Wanderlust, Travel, and Bridal jewelry!  See their new catalog HERE for Wanderlust/Travel and for Bridal, HERE.

 And if you find something you cannot live without, feel free to order directly from my favorite sales consultant: Catina, HERE.

Wanderlust Inspired Wedding Decor

So many pieces are the PERFECT esscentials for those of you getting married in the Nordic Countries and specifically having a wedding in Iceland!  Ever dream about seeing the Northern Lights everyday?  The Northern Lights collection transports you there!

Northern Lights Inspired Wedding

…and if you’re a non-traditional or Boho bride getting married in Iceland, you’ll specifically love the Nordic Tale collection!

Iceland Adventure Wedding Accessories

Several of their pieces are also inspired by Iceland’s black sand beaches and lava rocks!

Iceland Wedding Bridal Accessories

Plus if you’re a no-muss no-fuss gal like me you may be drawn to some of their travel essentials that are 2 in 1 or 3 in 1.  Imagine that, taking 1 necklace that turns into 3 different stunning looks!  Seriously, I have a fab pair of earrings that convert to 2 very different looks and I LOVE them!

Iceland Wedding Travel Essentials

Okay okay okay, enough raving and taking my word for it… Now time to GO SHOP for your Iceland wedding (or Iceland elopement) jewelry!

Iceland Wedding Jewelry

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